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FRAMO GmbH works with many different cooperation partners. Funding projects in the field of research and development, university cooperations or the intensive cooperation with educational institutions enable us to meet the growing requirements.

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Training & education provider

Since 01.08.2019, FRAMO GmbH has been training the first dual student in the field of electrical engineering in cooperation with the B-TU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

FRAMO GmbH supports selected educational institutions in the training of the participants through internships and measures accompanying the training. This enables us to meet our own demand for skilled workers in a targeted manner and at an early stage.

Research & Development

FRAMO GmbH develops battery and drive systems for commercial vehicles up to 44t. To strengthen the innovative power, some of these innovation projects are financially supported by the European Social Fund. These projects are:

Development of a cloud interface in the field of electric mobility for commercial vehicle
Development of the Generation 3 battery system in the field of electromobility for commercial vehicles
Development of energy storage and charging systems in the field of electromobility for commercial vehicles
Development and implementation of a quality management system
Development and implementation of a work preparation and production planning system
Development and design of the FRAMO 3rd generation eTruck

Become a Framo Partner

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FRAMO GmbH is always open for new cooperation partners. Contact us if you are interested in shaping the future with us.

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