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Construction industry

City logistics

Municipal economy

Factory logistics

Construction industry

The Construction industry needs resilient vehicles that can function under the toughest conditions day in, day out. With your FRAMO eTruck, you have exactly this vehicle at your disposal. Building sites in communities, challenging surfaces and ground – your FRAMO eTruck can handle it.

City logistics

Transporting, distribution, and collection in communities, green zones, and noise-sensitive areas at any time – your new FRAMO eTruck makes this possible. Whether you’re looking at cooling logistics or distribution logistics – with your FRAMO eTruck, the maximum working times are achievable.

Municipal economy

The accumulation of waste is increasing rapidly worldwide, and with it the demands on the municipal economy. With zero-emission eTrucks, you can go quietly, cleanly, and safely. Get on board today for a better and more efficient future for the municipal economy.

Factory logistics

Start in the next dimension of your factory logistics with FRAMO. Our eService offerings help your eTruck maintain top availability and economic efficiency. Go to the brink of autonomous factory logistics and the highest efficiency with FRAMO.

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eMobility - modern and highly efficient

E-MOBILITY in the range of lorries from 7.5 up to 44 tonnes – that is the core business of FRAMO GmbH, the leading provider with the widest range of industry and special solutions.

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Made in Germany

FRAMO eTrucks are products with cutting edge “Made in Germany” technology. The energy storage, charging, and management systems see to it that your FRAMO eTruck is available for maximum utilisation.

Motivated employees

Our employees are FRAMO. Sticking to delivering dates, quality, and efficiency are general principles for each individual. Expertise, creativity, and responsibility in serving out clients – that’s how every FRAMO employee lives.


With FRAMO eTrucks and our flexible ALL IN ONE service solutions, you’re always heading in the direction of energy and cost efficiency and relieving the pressure on the environment – all by buying your FRAMO eTruck.

Drive your eWay

FRAMO offers a whole range of eTruck industry solutions, which is constantly being developed and extended. With FRAMO vehicles, charging stations, battery, service, and financial solutions, you can also get on the eWay quicker. Our eWay specialists would be pleased to advise you.

Our services

Join the eWay

Funding projects in the field of research and development, university cooperations or intensive collaboration with educational institutions enable us to meet the growing demands. You can find more information on our subpage Cooperations.



Modern eMobility

FRAMO provides your dream vehicle with state of the art drive technology, combined with highly efficient energy and service solutions. FRAMO eTrucks relieve the pressure on the environment, reduce your costs and strengthen your presence in communities and environmental zones. Due to the combination of research with product development, alternative drive concepts and autonomous driving are achievable goals. With FRAMO you get on your eWay quicker.

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Get to know FRAMO eTrucks, our team, and our company. Drive one of our eTrucks on the Sachsenring racetrack or on our business premises. Learn more about eTrucks, ALL IN ONE services, and your career prospects at FRAMO.

Our FRAMO team is looking forward to seeing you, and to having an exciting day.

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